Ayesha the child wife of the Prophet is a big lie

Ayesha the child wife of the Prophet is a big lie

the basic 
references of the history books and connected biography of the Prophet's mission like (alkaml - History of Damascus - Sir Heraldry -Tabari Date- the beginning and the end - Date of Baghdad - mortality Senators, and many others), are almost in agreement on timeline of the events of the Prophet's mission as follows: the Prophet's mission continues (13) years in Mecca, and (10) years in the Medina, and the start of the mission was using the Christian calendar year (610 m), and the immigration to the Medina in (623 m) after (13) years in Mecca, The death of the Prophet in (633 m) after (10) years in the Medina, with this facts of Time Line. which all religious that all scholars and historians agree upon, it supposed prophet married Aisha before the migration to the Medina by three years in the year (620 AD), which corresponds to the tenth year of commencement of the revelation, and she was (6) years, and become his wife  at the end of the first year of the immigration of  at the end of (623 m), and she was (9) years, which means according to the AD calendar she was born at (614 m),  in the fourth year of commencement of the revelation as story of Aalboukhary,  this is a big fantasy

Criticism of the narration historically
1 - calculate the age of Ms. (Aisha) to the age of her sister (Asma Abu Bakr ): you can say all the historical sources mentioned above that (the Asma) were older than(Aisha) by (10) years, as it is mentioned in the all sources without any difference among them,telling that (Asma) was born before the migration to the Medina before (27) years, which means that , her age with Prophetic mission In the year (610 m) was (14) years, and to decrease of her real age before the migration (13years the years of prophetic call in Mecca), because (27-13 = 14 years), and as all sources with no difference mentioned that she was older than (Aisha) to (10) years, that make sure her age (Aisha) was (4) years when the mission of the Prophet  started in Mecca,that mean she was born before God's revelation started by full (4) years , and that was in (606 m), and that meant in a simple calculation the Prophet when married her in Mecca in the tenth year of the starting of the Prophet's mission her age was (14) years, because the (4 +10 = 14 years), in another scene (Aisha) was born in (606 m), and married the Prophet (620 m), at the age of (14) years and as it is well  mentioned in historical sources she entered his home and become his wife him - after (3) years and a few months »that was at the end of the first year of immigration and the beginning of the second one (624 m), she becomes  (14 +3 +1 = 18years old
this was the true age that prophet Mohamed married Aisha

2 - calculate the age of(Aisha) to the death of her sister (Asma - of the bands): all previous historical Sources confirm with no difference of opinion among them that (Asma) died after the a famous historian and installed incident, , the death of her son (Abdullah bin Zubair) by famous tyrant (Alhjaj bn Yousef) , in (73 e), and she was at the age of (100) a years, if we subtract her age of death (73 e), to the total years of her age(100) years, that will be(100-73 = 27 years), which is her age at beginning of immigration of the Prophet, and that's age corresponds completely with the old mentioned in historical sources, if we subtract  (10) years from Asma age - the(10) years that she was older than her sister (Aisha) -(Aisha)  becomes (27-10 = 17 years), that give us the age of  (Aisha) while immigration,if the Prophet Mohamed take her as wife at the end of the first year ,that mean her age would be at that time(17 +1 = 18 years), This confirms the correct account for the age of Mrs. (Aisha) when the she married with the Prophet,This confirms the correct account for the age of Mrs. (Aisha) when the she married with the Prophet, and also reinforce that (al-Tabari) asserts certainty in his book (History of Nations) that all children (Abu Bakr) was born in ignorance
, and that is consistent with the right timeline,and reveals the weakness narration  of al-Bukhari, because (Aisha) has already been born in the fourth year before the starting of the Prophetic mission

3 - calculate the age (Aisha) compared to (Fatima Zahra girl of the Prophet) : The (Ibn Hajar) in the (injury) said that (Fatima) was born in days of building the Kaaba, at that time prophet Mohamed was (35) years old, and Fatima Zahra- was older than Aisha by (5 years), on this account which is not strong enough, that cited by (Ibn Hajar) on his book , we could find that if we impose its power, (Ibn Hajar), who  explain of (Bukhari) narration , lying implicitly his narration , because if (Fatima) was born and the Prophet in age (35) years, this means that (Aisha) was born and the prophet was (40) years, which is the time of starting of the God's revelation , which means that the age of (Aisha) at the time of immigration was equal to the number of years  (13) years, of Islamic Call in Mecca, and not (9) years, i report this story only to demonstrate the great upheaval in the Bukhari's narration .

  the history and time of dates that contained in the reference books reply to the al-Bukhari and confirms that (Aisha) the daughter of Abu Bakr, was married the the Prophet in Eighteen years of age

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